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Camping? Hiking? Fishing? Travelling?

Drinking water whilst abroad can be hazardous now you don't have to worry. Just take your LIFESAVER® bottle or LIFESAVER® jerrycan with you. Fill it directly from a tap or other sources of water to protect you and your family from all waterborne diseases. Travelling up the Amazon in a canoe, going on holiday in the mountains of Canada or just on a gap year LIFESAVER® is the ideal companion to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases and viruses. The LIFESAVER® technology enables dirty, diseased water to be filtered and made sterile with just three simple steps, fill, pump & drink.

Are you interested in a longer term water supply? Why not take a look at the 

LIFESAVER® C2™, offering up to 2 million litres of clean, sterile water and complete with a bespoke stand and steps. See here for more information. 


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