The LIFESAVER water filter bottle – filter water on the go; take it anywhere

The LIFESAVER bottle is the world's first bottle to remove microbiological contamination from water, whilst on the move. Carry it in your rucksack, scoop up water from lakes, streams and rivers and produce clean, safe water whilst moving, ideal when mountaineering, hiking, cycling or for any outdoor activity.

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The bottle promotes self-sufficiency because if gives you the capability to produce your own clean, safe drinking water from any fresh-water source. It is an essential piece of equipment when travelling, backpacking, for overland expeditions where storage space is limited and lightweight is key, and in emergency situations when access to clean water is uncertain. 

LIFESAVER technology

LIFESAVER technology used in each of the LIFESAVER bottles filters particles down to 15 nanometres in size / 0.015 microns. LIFESAVER is the world's first and only portable technology that is patented worldwide, to filter down to this size. With the smallest known virus; parvovirus at 18 nanometers / 0.018 microns, you are safe in the knowledge the LIFESAVER bottle will keep you alive, wherever you are. LIFESAVER complies with all British, US and European drinking water regulations for microbiological reduction as tested and certified by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

The LIFESAVER bottle is the world's first water filter bottle to remove microbiological waterborne pathogens from water including bacteria, cysts, parasites and even viruses.

The LIFESAVER bottle works instantly, and operates without the need for chemicals, power, UV light or mechanically advanced disinfection.

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