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How to prime your LIFESAVER bottle 1500, 4000, 6000UF

How to install an activated carbon filter to your LIFESAVER bottle

Testing Reports

Click here to download the Report for Microbiological Tests from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

LIFESAVER bottle technical features

LIFESAVER ultra-filtration cartridge

The LIFESAVER bottle is fitted with either a 1500UF, 4000UF or 6000UF replaceable ultra-filtration cartridge. The cartridge will remove bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological water-borne pathogens from your water. 

Chew-proof nozzle

The LIFESAVER bottle is fitted with a chew-proof non-tasting replaceable nozzle. The LIFESAVER bottle has been designed so that its teat can easily be changed.

Activated carbon filter

The LIFESAVER bottle also comes with an activated carbon filter. This is made of high specification activated carbon block which reduces a broad spectrum of chemical residues including pesticides, endocrine disrupting compounds, medical residues and heavy metals such as lead and copper. It also eliminates bad tastes and odours from contaminates such as chlorine and sulphur. It is designed to last approximately 250 litres of water before a change is recommended. 

FAILSAFE technology

As the cartridge approaches the end of its life the bottle requires a greater number of pumps to induce water to flow. When the bottle requires a significant number of pumps to induce water to flow this indicates that it is nearing the end of its life. When no more water can be induced to flow despite continuous pumping, the cartridge has expired and it is time to replace it.

No chemicals

The LIFESAVER bottle does not require the use of chemicals to operate. 


The LIFESAVER bottle is designed not to over-pressurise. Over-pumping the LIFESAVER bottle will cause the flip lid to bulge. If pumping continues, then the teat will open and release the water - this is a safety feature. Wound jetwash - Due to its unique pneumatic action, LIFESAVER bottle can be used to direct a pressurised jet of sanitized water directly onto a wound, jetting away debris and other contaminants. LIFESAVER bottle allows for levels of wound irrigation never before possible in the field.

Operational in any position

LIFESAVER bottle has been designed to work at any angle and in any axis. This means that in effect it will work in any position. Not only are you able to drink from it at any angle, but fill mugs, water bottles, pans and other water storage vessels.

Filtration on demand

The LIFESAVER bottle filters water on demand rather than on collection, resulting in rapid scavenging of water in the field. With LIFESAVER bottle there is no time wasted filtering water at the point of collection or waiting for chemicals to work. Simply FILL. PUMP. DRINK. Just give it a few pumps and that’s it, as soon as you open the teat clean drinking water begins to flow.

Pre-filter sponge / scavenging sponge

LIFESAVER bottle is supplied with a pre-filter sponge. This protects the ultra-filtration membranes from objects such as gravel, sand, sticks and mud, prolonging the life of the LIFESAVER cartridge. Your pre-filter sponge may also be used to soak up water from those hard to reach areas like cracks in rocks or shallow puddles.

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