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1Are there any shock or force restriction for the carbon filters? Can they be packed in my luggage and subjected to those forces?Multiple
2Could I use the LIFESAVER bottle or jerrycan to carry water around?Multiple
3Could the LIFESAVER bottle or jerrycan be used to filter and drink urine?Multiple
4Do any parts of the jerrycan require particular consideration to long term and continual use over a span of a year?Multiple
5Do i have to pay customs charges?No Category
6Do i have to pay VAT?No Category
7Do you accept returns?No Category
8Does repeated use with dirty water reduce the filtration capacity?Multiple
9Does the LIFESAVER bottle degrade over time prior to use?Multiple
10Does the LIFESAVER bottle or jerrycan filter Sea Water?Multiple
11How are LIFESAVER products packed for shipping?Multiple
12How do you dispose of the contaminates that are filtered out?Multiple
13How often does the LIFESAVER filter need to be changed?Multiple
14How quickly can i receive my LIFESAVER Disaster Pack?No Category
15I have noticed that when using my pre-filter disc the water can take some time to enter the bottle.Multiple

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