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LIFESAVER systems water filters use LIFESAVER's patented ultra-filtration technology to filter out 99.999% of waterborne pathogens from water including bacteria, cysts, parasites and even viruses.

LIFESAVER products are sealed units that are pressurised by operation of a hand pump, the pressure that is forced into the sealed unit pushes water through the pores of the ultra-filtration cartridge. Through the application of hand pressure pathogens in water are blocked from entering pores of 15 nanometers in size. 

The result - only safe, clean water is dispensed from a LIFESAVER product.

Outdoor and travelling 

Users can step into the outdoors confidently with LIFESAVER technology; ideal for mountaineers, walkers, hikers, fishermen, overland travellers and pursuits involving fresh-water, anywhere where a clean water source cannot be guaranteed. LIFESAVER products are well suited for their portability, durability to tough outdoor environments and capacity. Water can be produced instantly for one - two people in the form of the LIFESAVER bottle or for large groups in the form of the LIFESAVER jerrycan. 

Humanitaran beneficiaries

LIFESAVER systems answer a global need for clean, safe drinking water. Both for families and communities living without access to clean water and for in-the-field aid workers to use whilst operating in scare clean water areas. LIFESAVER works directly with NGO's, charities and governments who deploy LIFESAVER products to people who need clean water most through their emergency response efforts and planned programmes.  

Military personnel

LIFESAVER technology has satisfied military requirements for large supplies of clean water in fast-moving operational environments. LIFESAVER technology provides military personnel with a mobile, lightweight solution, particularly significant for soldiers operating deeper in the field beyond regular base supplies.